My BoDy… My Temple…


What I Know Now…

Two years ago, my dad passed away. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him or the things I learned from him.

I also think about mortality and death more often than I ever have. However, it’s not because I fear it. Rather, I am challenged to view life differently because there is so much more that I want to do and experience.

For that to happen, I’m going to have to organize myself a bit more, plan it out a bit differently, make some goals so that I achieve everything I want to do in my life before that day when death inevitably comes knocking at my door. Time is of the essence.

As I’ve been contemplating on how to go about this, I’m having to divide my life into certain essential categories, and delve a little deeper into each of these, asking myself some foundational questions.

I think that sometimes, we’re too hasty or maybe too eager and so we set out a few goals and get going. But I think sometimes it’s best to pause and think about what we are really wanting.

So, the first category (there are 7 altogether that I want to tackle) requires my focus on my physical body.

Although I am not a religious person, (yet highly spiritual) there is a picture that Christianity portrays and that is the body as a temple. I like that. I like it because for me, I get to see my body as sacred, precious, monumental, majestic, authentic, a boulder of strength and power and that alone ignites in me a deep respect for my body.

I have very little recollection of genuine moments, when I have seen my physical body in that light, with such awe! For the most part what I see and how I hear others speak about their bodies is dim in comparison.

If I view my body as a temple, I am held accountable and responsible for the respect and worth I give to it. Wow! I am propelled to think about the work I make it do, the challenges I make it go through, the limitations that I expose it to, or lack thereof. I am compelled to also think about its fragility and consider what I subject it to, as the elements of our world and society can be harsh and have the potential to affect it quite rapidly and randomly.

I have to pause and think have I abandoned it, neglected it, dismissed it, do I take care of it the way it deserves, do I do proper maintenance so that it keeps that awe-inspiring appeal and feel.

In my 20’s and 30’s I took it for granted. Frankly, sometimes I didn’t even notice it. It just did what it needed to do. Sometimes I ran it to the ground, whether it was with work or studies or the gym, sleep deprivation, name it. We all have our ways of running it to the ground.

But as I age, I have a different respect for it. Let’s remember, some of the most beautiful temples out there are aged and the most popularly sought out are temples whose legacy and stories are acclaimed. How promising!

My dad took really good care of his body. For him, part of maintenance routine, was going to the dentist regularly, getting to the doctor every 4 to 6 months to see how he was doing. Getting all his medical check-ups. Why not incorporate some of this ourselves at whatever age we’re at?

My dad also believed that his temple needed to have a healthy and pleasant curb appeal. He took caution in dressing fashionably, smelling nice, wearing a big smile. He ate only until he was satisfied, shaved every day and kept active.

My body, a temple! I’m so encouraged by this picture and challenged to listen to it more attentively, as our bodies are incessantly talking to us. I am also committed to being diligent in its upkeep and maintenance. And, most of all, my number one goal is reminding myself how awe-inspiring and majestic it is!

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