Our reason why!!


It all started in 2011...we hit rock bottom, to put it lightly. My Mom (top right) was going through a divorce, she was emotionally, financially and physically depleted. I was also going through a very rough patch relationally, emotionally and financially. I was jumping from job to job trying to find a way to provide for my little girl and also trying to find something that I liked doing.

Mom and I decided to join forces and we moved into a 2-bedroom apartment. At the time both of us had been laid off of our jobs and were desperately looking for some kind of income. However, it didn't matter where we applied we incessantly continued getting job rejections. It seemed no one was hiring... at least, not us. 

This despair created urgency and focus. And so, I, Giuseppe (top left), decided to start my own roofing business.  I started off by finding a job in the industry and I learned everything I could about the intricacies of roofing!

When I felt I was ready, I moved forward. After paying all the debt I had incurred in the last year I was left with only $300 to my name. With that amount I purchased a compressor and a nailing gun. I was ready to go!

I started knocking on doors. As a natural optimist I thought getting my first client would be the easy part of the task. I knocked on the first door...and got my first rejection. I knocked on the second door...and got my second rejection. Then I knocked on door number 3, number 4, 12, 25, 62, 89, 104...still...all rejections. But I had a desperate need to make this work so I kept pushing forward...until I got to door number 120. I finally received my first "yes" for an estimate!

This determination in starting off the business is the same determination I have today. Knocking on so many doors and receiving so many rejections helped me to think about you, the client. I understood that what I had to offer had to be different, had to be unique.

Today, Safe + Sound Exteriors is in it's 7th year. What makes us different and unique? What makes us stand out from anyone else in the industry? Here it is...

It starts with our vision...                                                      "Creating Longevity One Home At A Time." Whatever project you have in mind, we will do it once, it's going to be done well and it's going to last!

We stand behind our workmanship and our products. We stand behind our values as a company, employing:

Conscientiousness, Excellence, Growth, and all times!